Best Garden Kneeling Pads

5 Best Garden Kneeling Pads

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If you garden in a traditional garden bed, you know how uncomfortable it can be. Bending over can make your back sore and kneeling can hurt your knees. Make your weeding time more comfortable by using a kneeling pad. Often simple in design, a good quality kneeling pad will make your gardening chores so much easier. For this post, we’ve checked out some of the best garden kneeling pads to find the best value for your money. Check out all the reviews below.

The Best Garden Kneeling Pads

PROPAD Garden Kneeling Pad

This garden kneeling pad has it all: affordable price, durable construction, in a multi-purpose design. Red Home Club’s high quality kneeling pad is made from a durable high density foam that does not compress or degrade over time. Long hours planting and weeding in your garden will be so comfortable with this mat. The large size easily accomodates knees in a variety of positions, allowing you get down in the dirt. You can also sit on the pad while pruning and harvesting and give your knees a rest.

The PROPAD has been designed with gardeners in mind. The foam is not waterproof but has minimal water absorption, so you don’t have to worry about your knees getting wet when working on damp grass or in the mud. The general design is great anytime your knees need a little extra cushion, so use it while scrubbing floors or save your knees while repairing appliances. While this kneeling pad is built to last, it is so thick and firm that people with very sensitive knees may find it doesn’t offer enough give.

Dimensions: 18″ x 11″, 1.5″ thick or 24″ x 14″, 1.5″ thick (black only)

Available Colors: Black, Blue, Green

Premium 1.5″ thick pad.
Built-in carrying handle.
Affordable price.
Multi-use design.
1 year warranty.

Water resistant but not waterproof.
The firm pad may not be soft enough for people with extra sensitive knees.

Cusho Thick Garden Kneeler Pad

If you’re looking for a garden kneeler with a little more pizzaz, Cusho has made this pad with a pleasing garden themed design. Designed to provide cushion in any kneeling position, this pad features an outer layer of neoprene and an inner layer of high density foam. It’s giving enough to be comfortable while still supporting your body weight.

The cover is fabric which means it doesn’t work as well in muddy or wet conditions and obviously stains would detract from the lovely design. But if you’re using on dry grass and soil or on concrete you shouldn’t have a problem.

Dimensions: 17.5″ x 11.5″, 1.9″ thick

Attractive Fabric Print
Built in Carrying Handle
Supportive and cushioning two layer foam

Fabric cover not great for wet or muddy conditions

KI Store Garden Kneeling Pad

If need the extra support of a thick, memory foam cushion, this kneeling pad from KI Store may be exactly what you need. A foldable and easily portable option, this garden kneeling pad is the thickest available at 2.36″. For sensitive knees, the high density memory foam provides a comfortable cushion for long gardening sessions.

If you’re looking for a good waterproof solution for when you get down and dirty in a muddy garden, this pad has two water-resistant layers: a removable and washable neoprene cover and a water-resistant inner layer that protects the foam from moisture. This is the only pad on our a list with a washable cover, which means you can keep it nice and clean, longer. Because this gardening pad is portable, it’s perfect for other uses: take it to the park or camping to give yourself a cushion seat on the ground or use it around the house for chores or bathtime. A great option for sensitive knees.

Dimensions: Unfolded 22″ x 13.4″, 2.36″ thick; Folded 11″ x 13.4″, 4.72″ thick

Available Colors: Forest Green, Light Gray

Extra thick kneeling pad.
Foldable and portable with a built-in carrying handle.
Removeable, washable cover.
Double water-resistant layers.

May be too bulky for some people.
Higher price point than budget options.

Ohuhu Garden Kneeling Pad & Stool

If you want the best of both worlds, Ohuhu offers you a kneeling pad and stool in one. This foldable kneeler can be flipped over and used in two positions: one for sitting and the other for kneeling. This means you can work on weeding or pruning and adjust to whatever position is most comfortable for you. The keeling pad is slightly elevated, which keeps you and the pad off of wet ground and makes it easier to get down and up with the assistance of the legs, which act as hand holds. The angle of the pad also means more of your weight is focused on your heels, which helps prevent pain for people with knee problems. The kneeling pad is made of thick EVA to provide a firm put cushioning surface great for kneeling and sitting.

Made from lightweight steel, you can easily fold it up and carry it anywhere in your garden. As a bonus, this kneeler comes with two tool pouches that attach with velcro straps. Keep all your garden tools handy while you work. Max weight capacity: 330 lbs.

Dimensions: 22.83″ x 11″ x 19.29″

Use for kneeling and sitting.
Foldable and portable.
Includes attachable tool bags.
Designed to reduce strain on knees and assist with standing.

Restricted pad size for kneeling means you can’t kneel with a wider stance.
Doesn’t work well on uneven ground.

Smart Value Cheap Garden Kneeling Pad

If your perogative is an affordably priced pad that you can use all around your garden and house, check out this cheap set from Smart Value. This set of kneeling pads is made from high density foam to provide a comfortable cushion for your knees. Protect your knees from pain and soreness on any surface. The waterproof coating means it’s safe to use in damp gardens and easy to wipe clean later.

Designed with an anti-skid pattern, you can also use this kneeling pad around the house. Great for bathing kids or cleaning the tub, you can dedicate one mat for garden use and the other one as your cleaning pal. Or dedicate the second one to your workout routine. It’s perfect for yoga or other floor exercises.

Dimensions: 15″ x 7″

Colors: Green, Pink, Yellow

Very affordable–comes in a two pack.
Multi-purpose kneeling pad for indoor and outdoor use.
Built-in carrying handle.

Only 1″ thick–may not be enough cushion for your needs.
Smaller size than other knee pads.

How to Pick the Perfect Garden Kneeling Pad

While we can recommend some of the best garden kneeling pads available, what will work best for you will depend on your needs and your budget. Here are some points to consider as you decided which pad will work best for you.

Price – Generally, garden kneeling pads are pretty affordable with good options available in the $15 to $40 range. Obviously, higher prices usually mean higher quality materials or more features. But your personal needs may mean that a cheaper option will work just fine. If you have sensitive knees, a high priced pad will provide more comfort with memory foam cushions.

Thickness – The amount of cushion or padding necessary will depend on your needs. Plenty of cheap garden kneeling pads are about 1″ thick and for general use that’s okay. Thicker pads will cushion your knees better but come at a higher price.

Material Quality – The smartest choice to make when shopping for the best garden kneeling pads, is to choose a model made from high-quality materials. The garden pad will last longer and provide a comfortable experience whenever you use it. Look for high-density foam and water resistant covers that will work well in the various conditions you’ll find in your garden and yard.

Waterproof Pads – Gardening is messy. Often you’re in the mud or watering your garden before you work. A versatile mat made of waterproof materials or featuring a waterproof cover will protect you from getting wet and make sure that the pad itself doesn’t get soaked.

Versatility – If you really want the most bang for your buck and don’t have specific needs, a multi-use pad may be your best choice. These kneeling pads will work great in your garden and around the house for a variety of cleaning and maintenance tasks. They can also be used to cushion sensitive knees while practicing yoga, meditating, or doing other floor exercises. Take them camping or to sporting events to make benches more comfortable.

Alternatives to Kneeling Pads

You may find that a garden kneeling pad doesn’t work for your personal needs. That doesn’t mean you have to destroy your knees while gardening. Here are some other options to consider:

Garden Stools: If getting down on your knees is too painful or difficult, a garden stool may work better for your needs.

Garden Knee Pads: If you find yourself moving around a lot when working in your garden, relocating a kneeling pad constantly may be too cumbersome.

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