Sprouting Seed Face Unusual Gardening Gift

15 Unusual Gifts for Gardeners

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It’s time to shop for gifts and this year you want to wow your giftees. If your loved one is a gardener, you know they’ll enjoy a present related to their favorite hobby, but how many pairs of gardening gloves or hand trowels does a person need? Time to think outside the box. Luckily, we’ve put together this lists of unusual gifts for gardeners. These practical and fun gifts go beyond the cliche and will wow the gardener in your life.

Unique & Unusual Gifts for Gardeners

1. Beneficial Insect Hotel

Beneficial bugs are important to all gardeners. They help pollinate plants, eat other pests, and make nature work. But as our modern world becomes more and more urban, there are fewer places for those good insects to live. An insect hotel like this one from Beaks & Paws is the perfect way to invite beneficial bugs into a garden. Designed with nooks and crannies to attract butterflies, bees, and other insects, this is a practical gift any gardener will appreciate.

2. DIY Terrarium Kit

DIY Terrarium Kit Gardening Gift

Terrariums have helped bring gardening indoors and allow gardeners to grow in interesting containers and locations. These DIY terrarium kits come with everything you need to make this cool terrarium. Pick any container to create your own unique terrarium.

3. Custom Gardener Figure

Custom Gardener Figure Unusual Gifts for Gardeners

If you want one of the most unusual gifts for gardeners, check out this one of a kind present. Mizog Collectibles makes custom figures based on your loved ones. All you have to do is send in photos of the gardeners and they hand sculpt an 8-9″ figure that is hand painted with realistic detail. This is more than a gift as it will become a precious keepsake. It also makes a nice memorial gift for family members who have lost a loved one.

4. Weird Plants Book

Is your gardening loved one interested in interesting plants? Chris Thorogood put together this book of some of the weirdest plants from around the world. Divided into seven categories (Vampires, Killers, Fraudsters, Jailers, Accomplices, Survivors, and Hitchhikers) these strange plants and flowers may even inspire them to do a little adventurous gardening as well.

5. Bullet Flowers

Bullet Flowers - Gardening Gift

Regular flowers die, but these flowers are forever. Handmade by Brand Wagon 406, these flowers are made from expanded bullets. This makes a romantic anniversary or Valentine’s Day gift and is perfect for gardeners who are hunters, homesteaders, or anyone that enjoy western and rustic decorating styles.

6. Self Watering Drinking Animal Planter

This is a fun and unusual gardening gift that perfect for kids or a stocking stuffer. These tiny planters are shaped like adorable animals like pandas, cats, dogs, and frogs. Each has a long pink tongue, which when dipped in water automatically waters the plant growing inside. This set of four ceramic planters comes with soil and seeds to grow a plant.

7. Sprouting Seed Faces

Sprouting Seed Face Unusual Gardening Gift

This is a unique handmade gift any gardener will appreciate. Kelsey Pike makes these tiny seed faces, made with plantable paper and edible sprouts. They come in a pack of 10 and just need to be soaked in a tray of water to grow edible, heirloom sprouts. Makes a nice stocking stuffer for any gardener.

8. Shoe In Over Shoe

All gardeners know the struggle: you’re hours deep into weeding or planting in a muddy garden bed. Your boots are covered in mud and muck but you need to use the bathroom or run to answer the phone. It’s a hassle to take off boots to make a quick trip inside, but with Shoe In that’s not a problem. These rubber “over shoes” slip easily over boots or sneakers, keeping dirt, mud, and water off the floor. Makes a good gift for Christmas, birthdays, or Father’s Day.

9. Tree Face Sculptures

Tree Face Sculptures Gift for Gardeners

Dorina Zieske is an artist who makes a variety of interesting sculptures to add whimsy to any yard. For gardeners, their tree sculptures make beautiful and unique gifts. They take advantage of the tree to turn them into characters thanks to the expressive faces. These unique pieces of artwork are much cooler than traditional garden decorations like gnomes and plastic pink flamingos.

10. Head Planters

If you’ve spent any time on Pinterest, you’ve probably seen cool garden planters that look like a person’s head, so the plants are their hair. With the right combination, these turn plants and flowers into sculpture and decoration. There are lots of options to choose from, but we really like this woman’s head planter.

11. Lettuce Ring

Lettuce Ring Unusual Gifts for Gardeners

This is a cute, small gift perfect to give as a stocking stuffer. This ring features a green head of lettuce. Handmade by Jazlene Collection, the lettuce is made from sturdy plastic on a silver-toned ring. This sweet piece of jewelry is a lovely gift for any gardener.

12. Air Plants

Some of the best unusual gifts for gardeners are weird plants. Air plants, also known as tillandsia, are unique because they aren’t planted in soil like most plants and flowers. Instead, these low maintenance plants only need weekly watering and can be displayed almost anywhere in the home. They’re perfect for terrariums and other unique wall or home displays. This set comes with 12 assorted air plants ready.

13. Can’t Touch This T-shirt

This shirt is a hilarious blend of succulent gardening and classic 90s music. Based on the MC Hammer song “U Can’t Touch This,” the funny T features illustrations of various cacti with the spikey words: Can’t Touch This. Perfect gift for desert gardeners or anyone with a good sense of humor.

14. Carnivorous Pitcher Plant

If the gardener you’re shopping for has mastered fruits, vegetables, and flowers, it’s time to help them up their gardening game. Carnivorous plants are fun, exotic house plants that feel a little bit like pets. In addition to water and sunlight, a pitcher plant will also attract insects and “eat” them. Makes a great gift for advanced gardeners.

15. Miniature Paper Greenhouse

Miniature Paper Greenhouse

This cute gift is an adorable encapsulation of everything gardens love. My Papercut Forst makes this miniature art piece. It features a mini greenhouse with plants growing out of it, displayed under glass. It’s perfectly sized to tuck in a stocking and display on a desk or shelf or buy it as a necklace that can be worn by your loved one.

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