Best Lawn Games for Outdoor Fun

10 Best Lawn Games for Outdoor Fun

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Once you’ve cultivated a beautiful garden and yard, you want to enjoy it as much as possible. Lawn games are a fun way to get family and friends of all ages outdoors and having fun. So make the most of the warm summer months with the yard games that are fun for children, teens, and adults. Add some pizzaz to your back yard barbeque or at least keep your children busy enough to stay away from the hot grill. All of these lawn games make great gifts for gardeners and new homeowners.

Best Lawn Games for Adults & Kids

1. Lawn Bowling

Bowling is a fun group activity for all ages and with a lawn bowling set, you can enjoy the fun in your own backyard. We really enjoy this set from Long Game which features wooden 7.7″ pins and 2.95″ wooden balls. Since the entire set is made from hardwood, it’s sturdy enough for years of outdoor play and classy enough for adults to enjoy as well. If your kids want to get in on the action, the balls are small enough for them to easily toss.

Comes with 10 pins and 2 balls in a natural wood finish, plus a carrying bag.

2. Tumbling Timbers Yard Game

Jenga is a fun party game for small and large groups. This takes it to the next level by turning the tabletop game into a lawn game. Tumbling timbers comes with 56 giant timber blocks that are 7.5″ inches long. The game starts with a 2.5-foot tower, but if you’re skilled enough you can get it to an over 5-foot tower. The blocks are made from sustainable sources New Zealand Pine, which is sanded to make smooth beautiful pieces.

Players take turns carefully removing blocks and placing them on top of the tower. Knock the tower over and you’re the loser! Good for all ages. Great to play on an outdoor table, pavement, or another level surface. Tumbling Timbers is sure to be a hit at your next barbeque.

Comes with 56 wood blocks (each 7.5 x 2.5 x 1.5 inches) and a nylon carrying case.

3. Ladder Toss Lawn Game

This fun game is easy to learn and perfect for two to four players. Toss the bollas (balls on a rope) at the ladder and earn points based on which rung they land on. First player to hit 21 without going over wins!

This set comes with two ladders and two sets of 3 bollas. Includes a carry case for storage or to take the game on the go.

4. Yardzee Wooden Lawn Dice

Yardzee Wooden Lawn Dice

Take the competitive fun of Yahtzee to your next backyard party. Handmade by KD Designs, these premium lawn dice are hand-stained with polyurethane so they are outdoor ready. This set comes with six 3.5″ die, perfectly sized for kids and adults. The set comes with a laminated scorecard and rules for playing Yahtzee or Farkle, a dry erase pen, and a bucket for storage.

5. Giant Connect 4 Lawn Game

Here’s a game that’s great to play with your kids in your backyard. This oversized wooden game is just like Connect 4. It has a 31″ x 23″ wooden game board that stands 2.5 feet tall. The 3.5″ red and blue plastic playing discs are easy for kids or adults to use. When you’re done playing, just put it in the included carrying case and you can enjoy the game at the park, beach, or even an outdoor wedding reception.

6. Words with Outdoor Friends

Scrabble Words with Friends Outdoor Game

Word nerds will love this unexpected outdoor game! Yes, Scrabble is more than just a cozy indoor game. Now it can be one of the highlights of your summer! Pleasantview Design Co makes this Words with Friends inspired outdoor game. The 5′ by 5′ hand-painted canvas playing board is lightweight and perfect to play on the beach, while camping, or even in the park. Just like the regular game, it comes with 100 wooden letter tiles and four-letter holders. The drawstring letter bag and carrying bag make it easy to take this game anywhere.

Check out gifts for Scrabble lovers.

7. Bucket Ball

Grab a friend or family member to enjoy this outdoor game. Bucket ball in similar to cornhole (check that one out next), but its much more portable (thanks to the included tote bag and stacking buckets) and gives you more opportunities to score! This family-friendly version of beer pong invites you to toss your balls into the buckets to score points. Ready to play in your backyard, at the park, or while tailgating, you can also buy the inflatable rack to play in your pool.

8. Cornhole

Cornhole Lawn Games

Cornhole is a classic outdoor game, so it’s perfect for your own back yard. This game set from Caroline Cornhole is a premium handmade wooden set that comes with 8 cornhole bags. Each set is made to order, so you can customize your bean bag colors and even had a hole light for playing at night.

9. Giant Outdoor Chess

If you’re looking for one of the best lawn games to challenge your brain, this is it. Take the challenge of chess outdoors with this unique game set. The board is a 4’7″ square made from heavy-duty nylon. The chess pieces range from 8″ to 12″ in size and are made from durable recycled plastic. They sell a variety of sized chess set, but this one is a reasonable size for most backyards. The pieces are also small enough that the kids can even play this game.

10. Personalized Lawn Tic Tac Toe Game

Personalized Lawn Tic Tac Toe Game

This fun game for all ages is perfect for the family backyard. Handmade by Dutch Goldfinch, it comes with a 4′ by 4′ game board and a set of X’s and O’s to play. Even better, you can customize the set with any letters you choose. This makes it a perfect gift for newlyweds or a fun addition to an outdoor wedding reception.

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