Gifts for Kid Gardeners

20 Gifts for Kid Gardeners & Tiny Green Thumbs

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If you have a young gardener in your life, you know the joy of seeing them discover the secrets of growing their own plants. Even if your little one hasn’t been bitten by the gardening bug yet, you can help encourage their interest with kid-centered garden tools and activities. This list focuses on real, hands-on gifts for kid gardeners that help them learn about growing plants and get active in the garden. The best way to learn about gardening is to experience it. Let your child get in the dirt and discover the pride and fun of growing their own flowers or food. Plus, any aspiring young gardener will be delighted with these gifts. Check them out below

Gifts for Young Gardeners

1. Paint and Plant Garden Kit

If you want to give your child practical gardening experience from seeds to flowers, this kit makes the perfect gift. Included are seeds for easy to grow flowers: marigolds, cosmos, and zinnias. The kit comes with a tin planter, three label stakes, and paint and brushes so your child can decorate it. Use the soil, shovel, and watering bottle to plant and care for your flowers.

This is a perfect option for urban gardeners or any other situation where you don’t have a yard for your children to garden in. This also makes a great planter for classrooms.

2. Can’t Touch This Cactus T-Shirt

This hilarious shirt will make gardeners of all ages laugh. It says “Can’t Touch This” (referencing the MC Hammer song) and features illustrations of spiky cacti. Great for kids who live in desert areas or are obsessed with succulents.

Available in men’s and women’s sizes in pink, white, blue, gray and yellow.

3. Gardening Tools for Kids

If your young gardener is ready to get their hands dirty, this is the perfect set for them. This kid’s gardening set isn’t a plastic playset. It comes with three real tools, with metal heads and plastic handles. They are lightweight and perfectly sized for little hands. The tools include a shovel, trowel, and hand rake. In addition, these tools come with a handy tool bag to easily cart their essentials around the yard and garden. Plus the set includes a tiny plastic watering can so your child can water their plants. This garden tool set will give your kids the hands on experience and fun of gardening just like an adult.

4. Big Kid’s Garden Tool Set

If you really want your kids to help out with the yard work, this garden tool set for children is a great gift idea. Coming with four pieces–rake, hoe, shovel, and leaf rake–this set is designed and sized for kids five years and up. Each tool is made with a metal head and a wooden handle–these are real tools that they can use in the garden. These kid’s garden tools are perfect for preparing garden beds for planting or cleaning up leaves in the fall.

5. Kid’s Wheelbarrow

Okay, maybe at this point we’re just trying to give our kids some garden chores, but they’ll have fun helping out in their garden with their own wheelbarrow. They can transport dirt, help with garden clean up, and otherwise have a ton of fun with this child-sized wheelbarrow.

6. Kids Garden Gloves

If your children will be working in the dirt and garden, a good set of garden gloves is essential to keep their hands clean and free from injury. This set of children’s gardening gloves from G&F comes with 3 pairs in a variety of colors. They’re made of cotton, which makes the gloves breathable and soft for tiny hands. In addition to the fun patterns, the elastic knit wrist keeps dirt out. The size is perfect for kids ranging from 4 to 10 years old.

7. Children’s Sun Hat for Gardening

Extra time in the garden means extra time in the sun. Protect your kid from sunburn with these cute sun hats. These hats work well in the garden, on the beach, while camping, or during any other outdoor activity. With a wide brim and a neck veil providing UPF 50 sun protection, it will protect your child’s delicate face and neck from sunburn. It also features mesh ventilation to prevent your kid from overheating. This is a fun, practical gift to enhance their gardening time.

Comes in three sizes (small, medium, large) and five color options.

8. Children’s Flower Press

If your child has an eye for flowers and wants a way to preserve their favorite blooms, this is the perfect gift. This child sized flower press has everything you need to press and dry flowers from your child’s garden. It comes with cardboard inserts to press the buds and leaves. This item is a great introduction to flower pressing and a fun way to preserve the spoils from their flower garden.

9. Gardening Lab for Kids

If you’re looking for a gift that focuses on the educational guide to gardening, this is the perfect book for your kids. This book features 52 plant related activities including starting seeds, making a rain gauge, planting herbs, composting, and more. It’s a great introduction to the wonderful world of gardening. Each lesson takes you step by step to learn and explore hands on, and they’re left open ended so you can do them over and over again each year.

10. Click & Grow Indoor Herb Garden Kit

If your kids are a little more high-tech and less willing to get their hands dirty, you can still get them into gardening. Fully hydroponic, this self-watering planter makes it easy to grow select herbs, veggies, and fruit without a traditional garden. This is a great option for a classroom or apartment dwellers who don’t have a yard. It’s also good for parents who don’t have a green thumb but want to teach their children about growing plants and food.

The company sells cartridges to grow basil, wild strawberries, lemon balm, parsley, catnip, chili peppers, chives, marjoram, oregano, peppermint, sage, thyme, plus a variety of flowers.

Check out more indoor hydroponic herb garden kits.

11. Children’s Gardening Kit

Children's Gardening Kit Gift

If you’re new to gardening yourself and feel overwhelmed with where to start, this Children’s Garden Kit is the perfect starting point. Instead of feeling overwhelmed at the nursery as you try to pick out seeds and plan a garden, all of that work is done for you. Designed especially for kids with seeds for six miniature vegetables (carrots, popcorn, snap peas, tomato, cucumber, and mini pumpkins), this crate comes with everything you need to get started. All you need is a garden space equivalent to 8 feet by 8 feet (32 square feet), then follow the included planting diagrams and growing information which will guide you through an entire season of growing. The entire kit comes in an adorable crate, perfect for gifting.

12. Digtr Kids Planter

If you want to give your child their own special garden area to grow veggies or flowers or even just play in the dirt, this elevated garden bed is perfect for children. Sized for children, this planter is smaller than other elevated garden beds, making it easy to place in a yard or on a patio in an urban setting. Made from galvanized steel painted in fun colors, it comes flat packed with all the assembly hardware. All you need to do is get a bag of garden soil, pick out your seeds and your little one will be ready to plant their own garden. This is a great option for growing flowers or compact veggies and fruits that grow well in containers.

Dimensions: 24″ L x 18″ H x 11″W

13. Personalized Kid’s Watering Can

Personalized Kid's Watering Can Garden Gift

This is a fun way to get your kids involved in garden maintenance. They can help with watering by using their own personalized watering can. You can choose the watering can color, the name color, the font for the name, and have any name on the side. Get one for each of your kiddos.

14. DIY Personalized Stepping Stones Kit

This kit is a fun craft for children to add their own personalization to the garden. This kit comes with everything you need to make four 7″ stepping stones, including plaster mix, paint, stickers, tiles, and gemstones. Your kids will enjoy making the stones and then using them in the garden.

15. Butterfly Growing Kit

This cool gift will give your child first hand experience with some beautiful beneficial insects for the garden. This butterfly growing kit comes with everything you need to raise caterpillars to butterflies and observe all stages of their life cycle. In the box is a mesh butterfly “garden” for watching the transformation, food, a butterfly feeder, instructions, and five live caterpillars. You can also use the kit to raise caterpillars you find in your yard.

16. Kid Potting Bench

Let your kids get in on the fun of gardening with their own child-sized potting bench. Designed to be a functional potting bench, it features a table, a potting sink for dirt, 3 starter pots, water spout, cold frame, and hooks for tools. The bench is made from SC certified European wood. Table is 90.5 x 36 x 88.3cm.

17. Rock Painting Kit for Kids

This is a fun gardening project you can enjoy no matter the weather. This rock painting kit comes with 10 rocks, paints, sticks, glitter glue, googly eye, and gems. All your child needs to do is apply their imagination to create cool designs and interesting creatures. When they’re done, they can tuck their rocks into the garden.

18. Flower Garden Toys

This is a fun way for younger kids and toddlers to play at “gardening” when they’re not quite old enough for actual gardening. This set comes with 130 pieces to help them build a flower garden, from pots to stems, leaves, and flowers. It’s a great indoor gardening activity for winter, too.

19. Light up Terrarium Kit

Terrariums are a great way to minify gardening and bring it indoors. This kit is designed for kids to make their own terrarium. It comes with a terrarium jar and a cool light-up lid with a LED light built-in. You then fill the jar with the includes soil, sand, river rocks, and plant some easy to gross wheatgrass and chia seeds. Decorations include removable sticks, and small bunny and mushroom miniatures. It’s a fun project that teaches kids about growing seeds.

20. Personalized Garden Sign

Personalized Garden Sign Gift for Kids

For the kids who have their own garden bed that they tend and plant in, this garden sign is a great way to mark their achievement. This handmade sign is personalized–you pick the color and the name you want to appear, as well as other artistic details. That makes this gift unique!

Uses these fun and creative gardening activities for kids to help your child get outdoors and learn about plants.

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