Gifts for Wildlife Lovers & Nature Enthusiasts

20 Gifts for Wildlife Lovers & Nature Enthusiasts

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Gardeners are in tune with nature and with that comes a love for all creatures great and small. If the gardener in your life is a big nature enthusiast, there are plenty of cool gifts to contribute to their interest. These gifts for wildlife lovers are perfect to foster wild animals and insects in their backyard garden. They make lovely presents for Christmas, birthdays, or just to celebrate spring and warm weather. Check them out below.

Cool Gifts for Wildlife & Nature Lovers

1. Bat House

Bats aren’t only cool creatures that fly under the darkness of night. Bats eat mosquitos and other insects, helping to provide natural pest control in your yard. Many bat species are in decline because of loss of habitat. A bat house provides a safe haven and a warm place for bats to sleep in colder climates.

Made in the USA from select pine, this house is designed to attract bats and keep them cozy warm. Perfect for hanging on a house, tree, or pole. Wildlife lovers will appreciate providing a home for new bat neighbors.

2. Stained Glass Mountain Bear Suncatcher

Stained Glass Mountain Bear Suncatcher

The Wild Renegade makes a variety of beautiful stained glass pieces inspired by nature. This item combines a beautiful mountain landscape with a bear. Hung in a window, this suncatcher brings the beauty of nature and the mountains home.

3. Closed Aquatic Ecosystem

Bring gardening indoors with this unique gift for wildlife lovers. This bottle is an entire enclosed eco-system that requires no maintenance. It’s perfectly balanced to provide life support to the algae and live marine shrimp that live inside. All the owner has to do is keep the room temperature between 65 and 80F and provide a source of light.

4. Vintage Nature Prints

Vintage Butterfly Nature Prints

Nature prints are a beautiful way to incorporate plants, animals, and insects into home decor. Encore Print Society sells a variety of antique and vintage nature art and prints. You can find something from any wildlife lover in their shop, including the butterfly print above.

5. Window Bird Feeder

This is a great gift for wildlife lovers who live in apartments. This bird feeder mounts to a window with suction cups, allowing you to watch birds feed from inside your home. This is also a fun way to bird watch during colder months without leaving your house.

6. Forest Pillow

Forest Quote Pillow

This inspiring accent pillow features a tree line and the John Muir quote: “and into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul.” It’s very evocative of the relaxation and stress relief one feels spending time in nature. Perfect gift for nature lovers.

Available in six colors with your choice of embroidery color.

7. Binoculars

One of the best ways to observe wildlife is with a pair of binoculars. This is particularly good for people who enjoy bird watching or hiking on nature trails. Binoculars allow them to enjoy watching birds and other animals without scaring them off by approaching too closely. This set of waterproof binoculars from Bushnell is affordably priced. Lightweight, perfect to take anywhere to enjoy nature.

8. Real Flower Bracelet

Real Flower Bracelet

If your loved one enjoys wildflowers, this is the perfect jewelry for them. Created by NT Handmade Jewelry, the flowers are dried and then encapsulated in jeweler’s grade resin to create this bangle bracelet. The flowers are preserved forever in this beautiful piece. Makes a lovely Mother’s Day gift.

9. Insect Hotel

There are few better ways to encourage beneficial bugs and insects to hang out around your garden than providing them with a comfy place to stay. Insect hotels have become very popular in the backyards of gardeners and nature lovers. With a cute design reminiscent of a house, this insect hotel has nooks and crannies for all kinds of creatures. Ladybugs, bees, and other beneficial pollinators will love to make this their home.

10. Beehive Paper Cutting Art

Beehive Paper Cutting Art

Bring bees inside with this beautiful piece of art. Handmade by Curious Cut paper Art, this piece features a bee on a geometric design of a honeycomb. Pic your own frame to display this beautiful art piece. A frame like the one pictured could be hung on a wall or in a window.

11. Wildflower Seeds

The other way to encourage beneficial insects and pollinators to spend time in your garden is to plant the flowers they love. This set of wildflower seeds is perfect for attracting butterflies and bees. It includes a mix of perennial wildflowers that will grow year after year in a garden. A simple gift that will bring years of joy and benefit declining bee and butterfly populations.

12. Leaf Mugs

Leaf Mugs

These mugs are so beautiful, anyone would love to receive them! Handmade by Art Masha, this set of 2 glass mugs features beautiful leaves and vines. Similar to stained glass, this set makes a lovely gift for tea and coffee-loving gardeners and nature lovers.

13. The Laws Guide to Nature Drawing and Journaling

For creative nature lovers, keeping a nature journal is a fulfilling way to record animals, plants, and insects seen in their backyard or other outdoor areas. For people new to the concept, this guide is a great starting point. Combining art and science together, this book helps you become a better artist and a better naturalist at the same time.

14. Cedar Bluebird House

Bird houses are a great way to encourage birds to make a home in your backyard and increase bird sightings. This house is made from rot-resistant cedar, ready to mount on a pole or the side of a tree.

15. Bird House Camera

If birds are a point of interest for your loved one, then this is the gift for them. This wireless birdhouse camera allows bird lovers to monitor nests in their yard from their home television. It transmits audio and video (including night vision) from bird boxes or chicken coops. Watch the miracle of nature from the comfort of your couch.

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16. You Belong Among the Wildflowers Journal

This beautiful notebook is perfect for the writer or gardener who loves to spend their time outdoors in nature. The cover features a variety of flowers and leaves with the quote “You Belong Among the Wildflowers.” Check out our next gift idea for something special to add to this gift.

17. Sunflower Pens

Homework and to-do lists are no longer a chore with pens like these. This set of 12 pens comes with beautiful fabric flowers at the end. When displayed they look like a bright and cheerful bouquet. Brings the joy of gardening indoors year-round.

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18. Dandelion Wish Necklace

Dandelion Wish Necklace - Gifts for Nature Lovers

This unique piece of jewelry is the perfect way to always have a little bit of nature with you. Bayou Glass Arts makes these beautiful pendant necklaces that feature dandelion seeds. Choose the necklace length and 2, 3, or 4 seeds.

19. Propogation Plant Station

It’s only a matter of time before nature lovers bring a bit of it inside their house. You can help feed their houseplant craving with this beautiful propagation station. The wooden stand comes with three glass bulbs that you can fill with water to propagate plant cuttings. A great gift for gardeners, too.

20. Nature is my Home Coffee Mug

This beautiful camp mug is a must have for any nature lover gift. Available in 12 oz. and 16 oz. sizes it features a beautiful design with the text “Nature is my Home.” Great for camping or enjoying a hot beverage at home. Include some of their favorite coffee or tea to create a gift bag they’ll really appreciate.

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