20 Practical & Fun Gifts for Gardeners

20 Practical & Fun Gifts for Gardeners

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For some people, gardening is a lifestyle. If you have a gardener in your life, it’s no surprise that you’re interested in gifts for gardeners. There are plenty of perfect presents available, from practical gardening gifts and tools to fun and creative gifts for gardeners. These are great for adult gardeners of any experience level. Check out our recommendations below

20 Gifts for Gardeners

Glass Wind Chimes

Often gardening energy is focused on everything that’s growing and not adding decorations to personalize and beautify the yard or garden plot. This gift is perfect for gardeners with a traditional yard or those who garden on a balcony. Wind chimes are a great addition to any yard or garden, but this one is unlike any we have seen before.

Designed to mimic nature, this wind chime features stained glass leaves in a cascading rainbow that creates beautiful music in the breeze. This is a gorgeous gift that any gardener would love in their yard.

I Wet My Plants T-Shirt

This is a fun and cheeky gift for gardeners. This t-shirt says “I Wet My Plants” with a colorful illustration of a watering can and cute potted flowers. It’s a funny play on words that any gardener will appreciate.

Available in men’s, women’s, and youth sizes in black, white, silver, Heather gray, and pink.

Upside-Down Planter

Gardeners are guaranteed to have a lot of plants growing in their homes, but they probably don’t have anything like this. This chic pot is an upside down planter made with recycled plastic. Perfect for planting and growing a variety of of houseplants and flowers. The pot comes with a ceiling hook and extension wire, plus instructions to easily set this up in your home.

If you’re wondering how in the world you water an upside-down planter, don’t worry! There is a water reservoir in the top (bottom?) of the planter that gradually waters the roots of the plant. It’s a flower pot and self-watering system all in one!

Available in white, pink, and blue.

Flower Necklace

If you’re looking for a more romantic gardening gift, this flower necklace is a great choice for a wife or mother. This necklace is a gorgeous statement piece available in a variety of colors to match the giftee’s style. It features beautiful flowers like a daisy, sunflower, and rose, that complement formal outfits.

It makes a perfect gift for a woman who loves to grow beautiful flowers in her own garden and goes great with spring outfits. We definitely recommend this as a Mother’s Day gift too.

Trowel & Error Book

This is a great gift for beginner gardeners. Trowel & Error by Sharon Lovejoy promises over 700 organic remedies, shortcuts, and tips for gardeners. You know how when gardeners get together and talk about how their plants are growing they ineviitably start sharing all of the tips and tricks they’ve learned or heard of over the years for pest control or fertilizing? This book is jam packed with all those remedies in one place.

Focused specifically on organic gardening, it covers topics like using ordinary household items in the garden, helpful “potions” for plant health, pest control, and prevention, attracting beneficial bugs and wildlife, growing from seeds, and handling compost and soil. There are also sections of outdoor decor and caring for houseplants. This is a great, well-rounded book of tips for any gardener.

Claw Garden Gloves

If you’re looking for practical gifts for gardeners, this is a great one to consider. If you haven’t seen these gloves before, it’s an amazing ergonomic garden and yard tool. It’s first, and most obvious application, is to use it as an ergonomic replacement for a trowel or hand shovel. These gloves can also be used around the yard for digging, tansplanting, and leveling dirt. It also works well in large pots, planters, and window boxes.

This is a great gift for older gardeners who deal with arthritis or other hand pain. The gloves are made from waterproof and puncture-proof latex rubber and the ABS plastic claws are durable for heavy garden work. Available in green, purple, and brown.

Solar Butterfly, Dragonfly, Hummingbird Garden Lights

We love gifts that are both practical and fun, and these LED garden lights are both! Coming in a pack of six, these butterfly, dragonfly, and hummingbird shaped lare a cute addition to your garden during the day. Then when the sun sets, they automatically light up–perfect to illuminate garden paths and walkways. They’re powered by waterproof solarpanels, so once they’re installed there’s no need to worry about turning them on and off.

They feature a rotating light display of seven different colors, creating a subtle light show in the garden. This is a great gift for any gardener’s flower garden or they look beautiful in a yard lining a sidewalk or path.

Gardener’s Secret Moisturizing Hand Cream

If you’ve done any gardening or yard work without wearing gloves, you know how it can dry and dirty your hands. All of the exposure to dirt, water, and plants can really wear on your skin. Luckily, gardener’s Secretn has made a luxurious hand lotion especially for gardeners. Infused with vitamins A, D, and E, it creates and intensive, moisturizing therapy for your hands. Use it after a day in the yard and you’ll be amazed at how soft and mosturized your hands feels.

While usually women are the main users of hand lotion, this is the kind of gift men or women will appreciate. It does not have a heavy scent and works great on hard-worked hands. This is a great gift for Mother’s or Father’s Day and is perfect to tuck into a Christmas stocking, too!

Culinary Herb Garden Kit

If you have someone on your shopping list who is new to gardening, a garden kit is a great way to support their interest. This Herb Garden Kit is perfect for any level gardener, especially newbies. With everything needed to start an herb garden from seeds, the kit comes with herb seeds, soil discs, biodegradeable grow pots, wood plant markers, and even growing instructions.

Once the plants are established, they can be planted in a traditional garden bed or windowsill pots. The kit includes seeds for basil, thyme, dill, and cilantro. This is a great gift for urban gardeners, kids, and newbie gardeners.

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Pine Tree Tools Bamboo Garden Gloves

Some gardeners prefer to work in their yard wearing a sturdy pair of gardening gloves. They’re great to keep your hands clean and protected from injury. These gloves from Pine Tree Tools are a huge favorite amoung gardeners. Made from bamboo, they are breathable and absorb perspiration, which keeps hands cool when working in warm weather. They also fit snuggly and work like a second skin, with touchscreen compatiblity so you don’t have to take them off to use your smartphone or tablet. They also provide a great grip for tools and handling plants.

These gloves are a practical and affordable gift any gardener will appreciate.

Available in four sizes: small, medium, large, and x-large.

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Gardening Journal

Gardening Journal Gift for Gardeners

This is so cool, we can’t wait to get one for next summer! This Gardener’s journal is designed specifically for gardeners–it’s not just a plain notebook with a pretty cover. Instead it is filled pages for gardeners to plan and track their growing season. It includes pages to list plants and seeds, a grid to sketch your garden plan, shopping and inventory lists, preservation notes and so much more.

This is a thoughtful and useful gift to help any gardener get organized and it’s perfect for new gardeners and master gardeners. This is especially good for gardeners who like to plan and keep all their thoughts neatly organized. They’ll really appreciate this notebook. Click through to Etsy to see examples of the page layouts.

Garden Cart Rolling Work Seat

This is the kind of practical gardening gift that anyone with a large garden or yard will really appreciate. With style and color of a John Deere tractor, this is garden cart is sturdy, constructed with a steel frame that can support 300 lbs. of weight. The 10 inch wheels are perfect for scooting or steering around a yard or garden, even with variable terrain. It’s painted with a water and rust resistant finish, so you can even store it outside.

The seat swivels and is height adjustable, so it’s comfortable for any angle of work and any size gardener. In addition to being a comfortable work seat that helps the gardener get to ground level, it also has a built-in tool rack to hold all the gardening essentials. This is a gift that will add ease and comfort to any gardener’s daily work.

AeroGarden Harvest Elite

A lot of gardeners love to grow year round and their homes are filled with potted plants to the purify the air and beautify the rooms. Growing fresh food and herbs, especially during cold winter months when there’s less sunlight, can be difficult. The Aerogarden solves all of that, turning the prospect of freshly grown food into an easy year-round option.

The Aerogarden is a hydroponic garden that grows plants without soil. It sits on your counter and uses an automatic lighting system to provide your plants with the perfect amount of light to grow. They’re best used for growing herbs, but there are flowers and other plants that can be grown in them as well. Each plant grows from a special seed pod, and all the gardener needs to do is add nutrients, water, and harvest. If you’re shopping for a forgetful gardener who accidentally lets plants languish, the Aerogarden has a built-in reminder system to help you add water when needed. This is a great gift for any type of gardener but will be especially appreciated by urban gardeners and those who have long winter seasons.

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Back to the Roots Organic Mushroom Farm

While most gardeners have experience growing flowers, tomatoes, and herbs, many have never even considered growing mushrooms. With this easy to use kit, you can give the gift of a new gardening experience. This mushroom kit comes with everything needed to grow organic oyster mushrooms right out of the box. It takes 10 days to have your first harvest and they’re actually very easy to grow.

Some gardeners may feel unequipped to grow mushrooms, but this kit is a great introduction to mushroom growing. There’s no need to do a ton of research or buy a bunch of supplies to get started. It’s perfect for kids and can be grown in apartments or houses.

Cedar Potting Bench

If they have the space, this is one of the must have gifts for gardeners. If you know a gardener who has a lot of flower pots, a container gardener, or someone who starts all their plants from seed, they will really appreciate this. This sturdy potting bench is made from cedar wood and comes with a natural finish, so you can stain or paint it to however you desire. It’s perfect to keep outdoors or in a garage, and you can add casters to make it easily portible. The bench has has plenty of space for potting on top, plus a shelf underneath to store garden gear.

It does ship unassembled but comes with all the hardware needed to put it together. If you really want to be nice to the giftee, you can put it together in advance for them.

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